Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sweet innocence

So I just witnessed something really sweet happen here at home. My one year old niece crying her heart out. Her three-year old brother looked up from his ipad, went to her sister, held her head in his hands and asked her to stop crying and calm down. Obeying her older brother, she stopped crying. They then hugged each other. I hope they maintain this good relationship when they grow up. It was just lovely. #

Written here at our humble home in Cabiao while forcing myself to eat pancit palabok that I hate. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nihonbashi Tei

I have a mental list of all the restaurants I would like to try and Nihonbashi Tei managed to squeeze its way to number one from practically nowhere. I was thinking of trying this Baguio-inspired resto in White Plains but after discovering that Nihonbashi Tei has finally opened a branch in Tomas Morato (which is easier to go to), I immediately scheduled myself to be in Morato yesterday. 

I have always loved their branch in Makati, aside from the great food, it's open until like 2 am. Spicy salmon is my favorite. 

Here is what my friend I ordered:

Of course my favorite Spicy Samon Roll. The spicy mayo might be too strong, but I still love it. I simpky love anything with salmon in it. The rice roll was a bit huge though, you cant devour it in one take. 

Sushi sampler. I was so full from the salmon sashimi and ebi tempura (yes, we ordered that much for two persons!) that I can't eat much of these lovely babies. I ate the fish, the maki, and the sea urchin (oh my goodness the sea urchin was so good). My friend ate the rice haha! 

We had this egg noodle with seafood ramen, but I was not a fan. I prefer the savory ramen made from chicken/meat broth. The noodle was good though. 

Lastly , i still prefer the ambiance of their branch in Makati. There were not much people in queue there so you easily get a table. And, they dont have the bacon-wrapped asparagus in Morato! 😭

That's it. I guess I'll blog about my travels next time.

Written on a lazy Sunday afternoon after a big lunch of tinola and fried milkfish which I cooked. And while drinking a can of beer. I guess I'm becoming an alcoholic. I hope not. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Sporadic. Constant. My first entry.

I have always wanted to write, but writing was sporadic to me, just like most of the hobbies I pick up growing up or growing old. But then, something is constant in my life: the ache for distant places (as my blog title says), a palette for new tastes/food, an enthusiasm for adventure and new experiences. 

So here I am writing my first entry. 

I want to make this a 'sillage' of my attempt to capture my life's adventures or misadventures including the mundane things (like eating sushi on a normal Saturday night), and throw it out into the void for me to look back in the future. 

In that future, I want to be sitting down with a cup of coffee in a cafe somewhere far but familiar. Somewhere where I can watch people walk past, to wherever life purposes takes them to. 

In that future, I want to feel the same ache, and whole new feeling of contentment and happiness. 

Written in a waiting room in Congress  during a plenary budget hearing. I guess boredom stimulates  writing.